We are a peer support group for adult survivors of child sexual abuse our founder is Daniel Wolstencroft who is on the National Enquiry Independent panel . Our Ambassador is ITV’S Jenny Powell.

We at shatter Boys are proud to speak out and walk tall as male survivors of sexual abuse, we recognise how powerful peer to peer healing can be. It was an instrumental part of our own healing paths. We too sought inspiration and courage from other male survivors in a therapeutic group setting which complimented the other support from professionals in the field we have received.

We get that all though everyone’s experiences are personal to them, Living through the traumatic impact abuse has on an individual, running alongside the effects the legacy of childhood sexual abuse and the scars it leaves on a man can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Having a support group can make you feel less lonely or stressed and give you a sense of control over your situation. Even if you don’t currently know anyone who has gone through your unique experiences, through our groups you can seek out the advice of other survivors and build a community of support with other men who are also on their healing journey and on the way to gaining their life and control back that was taken away.

There maybe questions you want to ask but may have been afraid to or maybe not met another survivor before. Shatter Boys Peer support groups can provide that safe space, which in your own time and way you can build up your confidence, momentum and begin the journey with others.

No matter where you are on your journey we believe every survivor has something to give, even if you’re not ready to speak which is fine. Your very presence in the room speaks volumes. We get how much courage it takes to walk through the door.


The groups have a structure as to how they run, but are informal as in they are not specific topic based. The groups are not open groups in a sense that anyone can walk in,potential group members will have been met by group facilitators previous to starting the group. With a code of conduct agreed and a full briefing on what being a group member involves and what to expect.

Our reason for being is because we have recognised that there is a distinct lack of group peer support throughout the country both for males and females survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and we want to facilitate this the best we can

Our mission is to build a healing community for men, by setting up survivor led support groups throughout the UK. We will offer central support hub for those who have been trained by us and other members as we progress. The groups are not therapy or to be run by a therapist they are strictly peer support groups to be survivor led.

The other aspect of Shatter boys aside from the peer support is to provide quality training to professionals around childhood sexual abuse and the impact on male victims/survivors.

Get well, you deserve it !

You can contact us by email on shatterboysuk@gmail.com

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