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Please read our petition update thanks


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We have now got our petition featured in UNILAD please click on the link now and please sign, it is a benefit and a fair system for all.


Please sign our petition this is so important for everyone thanks


Please take a look at the recent coverage of our event at Morecambe thanks

Ambassador Jenny Powell, founder Daniel Wolstencroft & top supporter Matilda Walden

Sarah Rowbotham portrayed in the BBC drama Three Girls has confirmed she is speaking at our event

How exciting is that?  It’s superb news she is giving support. We will learn so much with her knowledge and experience, can’t wait to hear her speak.

Our next event is on the 24th June 2017 from 11 a.m at the Vale of Lune Rugby Club, Powder house Lane, Morecambe.  I have had numerous responses from survivors in rural areas from Austwick, Bentham and the Morecambe area.  They were asking me to do a launch in their area.  Many have not disclosed or been let down by the police or by the archaic court system. This has allowed abusers with damning evidence to walk free and get ‘Not guilty’ verdicts.  See our facebook page for our event details.


Some people have been sharing our event stating that you have to register or contact us to book a place to come to our event, I can assure you, YOU DON’T have to register……..

If you want to come to our event on the 24th June, just turn up from 11 a.m onwards.  We are aware that there are victims/survivors, that may be nervous, scared, unsure or just terrified of turning up, but we can assure you that you can come anonymously and just turn up without anyone confronting you or asking questions!