Daniel’s Story

Founder/Group Facilitator   Daniel  began his career following a troubled and difficult early start in life and later adolescence. He took an  opportunity  to train and work as a young person’s Drug worker at Bolton Lads and Girls club. This was followed by a period of time working as a Drug Worker in a suburb […]

David’s Story

(Co-Founder/Co-Facilitator)   David’s problems began when he joined a youth organization called The 59th Boys Brigade, at Platt Lane Church in Fallowfield. He joined the Brigade because they used to play football on a Saturday afternoon, which was a rarity in the 70s. David was a very active 10/11 year old boy who loved sport, […]

Contact US

If You are interested in joining the Mancheter area shatterboys peer support group or want more information you can contact the Facilitators Danny/Dave for more information initially by email, phone number supplied on request: shatterboysuk@gmail.com

Mutual Group Agreement

1.  Everything said in the group is confidential. 2.  Please do not share with anyone the names or stories you learn in this room. 3.  We share feelings and experiences just as they are.  There are no right or wrong statements. 4.  Each person knows what is best for her or himself, and therefore carries […]

First Chance to escape……

For me personally I’m not going to go in to gross specifics about my abuse as I don’t think it’s personally relevant for this piece of ‘sense’ I’m trying to make about my life. Also I don’t see the benefit of disclosing the gory details as I feel it’s giving my power away which I’ve […]