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I decided to start Shatterboys after I had started to talk openly about the horrific abuse I had suffered as a child.

I realised although there were many support groups for woman their were only a handful for men.  Also I had heard poor reports from victims and their parents regarding the larger charities like NSPCC.  They said for all what they advertised that they did absolutely nothing when they contacted them and just said contact social services and that was it.  I realised that there needed to be a charity that did exactly what it said on the tin so Shatter boys was born!

I try to educate the ignorant, none more so than Eric Bristow, who said we were not ‘Proper men’  I could be so ignorant to say that throwing darts at a board how ever good you are at it, hardly warrants an MBE!


A very proud moment when I was asked to join the panel for the National enquiry into child sexual abuse.