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A letter written by a child who was raped by his stepfather between the ages of 8 and 10, the paedophile got away with it and presently runs a family camp site.


This is the transcript of the letter:

I was very scared as Marie who was supposed to support me at the court could not come as she was ill, I felt very alone and I’d not know anyone. I felt very upset as I was told I would give evidence on Tuesday. The police then rang and said I was not going too, I was terrified of last time, when it did not go to court I got all the way to Kieghley and I had bought a new suit and the police rang and told me I was not going. N had put a bug in our caravan and tried to blame me for being abused. He edited the tape he has just lied again. I don’t feel safe anymore and every night check under the caravan to see if there is a bug there. Every noise I hear I think its him I cannot sleep as I think he is outside. The police questioned me for hours and hours I went to Garstang twice then Knaresborough. The head teacher went and listened to everything that happened to me, ( she was the child’s appropriate adult at the ABV interview) she listened to everything then turned against me even though I had done nothing wrong she got nasty just because my mum wanted to home educate me, I trusted her I now feel sick. The court was very large and I was very scared and I knew N was in the building I was scared cos I had been there before and it had not gone ahead as N had managed to stop it with his nasty bugging and I knew he could stop it again I was also scared for my mum as she was in the building and N may hit her as he had before.
N’s Barrister kept questioning me for days and made out I was lying she kept saying I liked fake willys and rabbits I did not understand her I wish I had not told anyone, because now everyone thinks I am a liar at Malham show Laura told my mum I was a liar. I want it all to go away I hate going out as I never know if N is about I thought if I told that he had raped me the police would punish him but they did not.
I cannot get on with my life and everyday I feel scared I struggle to eat and sleep I do not talk at home cos N may be listening outside.


Augusto talking at the event in Morecambe on the 24th June



Augusto promoting in Morecambe today, handing out leaflets, it was extremely successful we have had 3 survivors contact us already!P1140174