Just Giving page




We would be very grateful if you would give to our just giving page, even £5 would be great and a lot of five pounds  go along way!!!!!!!!  The trouble with child sexual abuse is that it still carries a stigma with it and that is part of what Shatterboys do is to educate the general public.

We have to compete with so many other charities and all though they are all very worth while and deserve support,  we only have to  mention child sexual abuse and people can close up either through fear, ignorance or just not wanting to face facts.  So please support us as I say a fiver will  go along way and its also  shows victims we are not alone and we are valued as much as other charities.

We need YOUR money to provide counselling, pay for venues and just general support for victims and survivors and so much more.  So far we have been supporting ourselves financially and as we grow this cannot carry on.  We are a proven charity that members say they would struggle with out us.  We are all volunteers and nobody takes a wage so please support as little or as much as you can, thanks so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks so much to David Lean, Diane Heaven, R Williams  and Jameel Hadi for the very generous amount they have donated to our just giving page