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If You are interested in joining the Mancheter area shatterboys peer support group or want more information you can contact the Facilitators Danny/Dave for more information initially by email, phone number supplied on request:


6 thoughts on “Contact US

  1. I would like to contact Daniel directly. I am a survivor of rape, sexual and physical abuse as a 16 year old RAF Apprentice between 1969 and 71…(at that time my parents lived near Bolton) . Despite being a case with the IICSA since it’s inception I have still not had my voice heard….and now recently I discover that one of the group of abusers is a ‘Welfare Officer’ with RAFA who refuse to deal with his past… The Armed Forces issues of historic abuse (and over a million teens passed through their hands between 1950 and to date) are being ignored by the IICSA and by the Met Police… Rtd Senior Officers are still alive and enjoying virtual immunity whilst many of their victims gave up and took the suicide option…I very nearly did aged 16, and 23, and 30, and 45……. The Inquiry is rapidly becoming a whitewash tool for the MOD and allowing them to deny responsibility for their legal duty of care across 7 decades…


  2. Hi, I’m a producer with Sky News working on a story about IICSA. I wanted to see if I could speak to Danny Wolstencroft today, November 18th, about how he thinks the inquiry is going. Thanks, Gilberte Phanor


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