David’s Story




David’s problems began when he joined a youth organization called The 59th Boys Brigade, at Platt Lane Church in Fallowfield. He joined the Brigade because they used to play football on a Saturday afternoon, which was a rarity in the 70s. David was a very active 10/11 year old boy who loved sport, especially football and cricket, any excuse to get out of the house and play with his friends.

David was very privileged with his upbringing, I say this because he never wanted for anything, clothes, holiday’s and spends, he got it all.

David’s life changed for the rest of his life when a man, who was in charge of the Boys Brigade, was trusted by David’s parents, and was accepted as a friend of the family. This man was also a high ranking police officer with the Metropolitan Police Force, a very trusted member of society. What happened from this moment was the worst experience imaginable that could happen to a minor where child care is concerned, he was sexually abused by this man for the next couple of years of his young life.

David’s life of rebellion began at this point, and went on until he started his recovery nearly 35 years later. He was in and out of different institutions, including hospitals and Crisis point trying to find a way to be able to take control of his own life and overcome PTSD, this went on for 7 years and is on going, but The recovery is now looking very promising.

David is now determined to help other’s that have had the misfortune of experiencing this massive trauma and do what he can to try to make what he calls the( life change) a little bit easier. Through their shared passion, David has joined up Daniel fellow Survivor and professional in the sexual violence field, to form a Peer Group called Shatterboys uk, so-on and upwards.


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