Mutual Group Agreement

Break The Silence By Being Present

1.  Everything said in the group is confidential.

2.  Please do not share with anyone the names or stories you learn in this room.

3.  We share feelings and experiences just as they are.  There are no right or wrong statements.

4.  Each person knows what is best for her or himself, and therefore carries the primary responsibility for her or his well-being during the meeting.  If at any time persons need to leave or take a break, for any reason, they are free to do so.

5.  Everyone’s presence is appreciated and can be a source of healing for others.  No one is required to speak during the meeting.  Listening is a gift, too. People who attend our group can feel the need just to listen to identify and connect. Until they build up their confidence.

6.  When speaking, use “I” statements, rather than “we,” “you,” or “they.”  Please focus on your feelings, not opinions. This helps to own your stuff.

7.  Avoid individual problem solving.  Individuals can learn from one another’s experiences to solve their own problems.

8.  When a person speaks, the others should listen actively, with the goal of relating the speaker’s experiences to their own.  Only one person should be speaking at any given time with no interruptions from others.

9.  It is empowering and healing for us to gather ideas that can benefit us.  No one of us is an expert and no one knows what is best for another.

10.  The sharing that takes place is a beneficial to everyone in the room.  Please don’t ask too many questions seeking more information.  What each person chooses to share is appreciated and sufficient.

11.  At times there may be silence during the meeting.  This provides a moment to reflect on what has been shared.  No one needs to feel anxious or responsible to break the silence.

12. Please respect your group by not attending intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, as this creates an unsafe space, it can also be triggering for other members. Any one intoxicated will be asked to leave that particular session.

The 2 hour session is divided into two parts, with a 15 minute break  During the first part, everyone is invited to check in and  share how they are feeling here and how they’ve been since the last meeting and what they would like to bring to the session.  No one should speak more than once during this time, giving everyone a chance to speak. Some people find this very difficult. The second part consists of open discussion where all are invited to talk about what they learned from the previous sharing, and pick up on anything they want to discuss. We check out 15 mins before the end of the session to discuss what we have achieved from the session and how we feel upon leaving checking members feel safe.

There are 30 mins after the session to chat to the 2 facilitators  if anyones struggling and feels they need to chat things through before they leave.


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